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There seems to be also some of the "good average but bad worst case"
behavior that Josh and others have pointed out in bigger benchmarks.
I've always assumed this was due to checkpointing

At lot of variation is from checkpoints, some comes from the index fullness/fragmentation, some from vacuuming, a bit is added based on what's in the buffer cache from previous runs, and there's a touch of randomness thrown on top even if you control all those things. My tests suggest the "bad worst case" results in pgbench tests are almost always from checkpoints that happen when the buffer cache is filled with almost exclusively dirty buffers (which can happen very easily with pgbench).

I am in the process of squashing these issues when running pgbench against 8.3. A before/after look at pg_stat_bgwriter lets you measure the checkpoint variation. The ability to directly play with the index fillfactor lets you test/control the impact of that. Wrap all that into a scripting framework that runs the tests many times for you in a consistant fashion and then summarizes the results, and pgbench becomes a rough but completely servicable tool. Expect to see a pgbench-tools project that does all that from me soon, my copy works but it's not ready for public consumption yet.

I've also got a working backport of all the pg_stat_bgwriter instrumenting that applies to 8.2, so people can run all this against the current version as well if they're in a position where they can hack a custom build. The hold-up on that is that the code that measures buffers allocated and those written by back-ends for 8.3 is wrapped into the "Automatic adjustment of bgwriter_lru_maxpages" patch, and I'm not going to finalize my unofficial backport until that gets applied. Once HOT wraps up that loose end should get snipped easily enough.

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