> > WARNING:  could not dump unrecognized node type: 404
> > ExecQual: qual is (
> >    {
> >    }
> > )
> Yeah, that code is toast, we probably ought to remove it.  It hasn't
> worked since the changes to make the executor treat plan trees as
> read-only.  

Thanks Tom!

Interesting, what do you mean by Plan trees are 'read only' now? Is it the 
distinction between Plan trees and their corresponding PlanState nodes that 
indicate the 'read only' behaviour and the 'writeable' state of the Plan, 
respectively, that was introduced at that time?

> Making it work would require teaching outfuncs.c how to dump
> all the different expression state node types, which seems like more
> maintenance effort than is justified for debug support that no one uses.

Ok, but what type has this qual from my example that was once a OpExpr as soon 
as it arrives at ExecQual? It's obviously not a OpExpr - otherwise _outNode 
wouldn't stumble over it.
(Is there a way do get this type info with gdb's help?)

> I'd suggest using EXPLAIN VERBOSE instead, which will give you
> the same printout that this would have given you back when it did
> work, but only once instead of over again for each row.

Thanks, I hadn't seen the VERBOSE option before.


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