In working on the minor patch to COPY CSV mode tonight, I ran into a
  problem with the utf8 conversion build process in CSV and was just
  wondering if there's something wacky on my system or if other people
  have seen this:

  [EMAIL PROTECTED]:.../> ../pgsql/configure
  [EMAIL PROTECTED]:.../> make
  make: Entering an unknown directory
  make: *** utf8_and_euc_jis_2004: No such file or directory.  Stop.
  make: Leaving an unknown directory

  I did a 'cvs -z3 up' prior to this, and most things seemed to be
  fine...   Removing the one above and a couple others recently added
  allowed the build to finish (though was rather annoying) and then I
  had to hack up the create_conversion.sql to not try to include them,
  which also wasn't fun.

  I guess I'll see about doing a new full checkout of the tree, but I
  wonder if anyone else regularly builds in a directory seperate from
  the source tree and if this is perhaps an issue with the


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