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> Hi,
> Le mercredi 25 juillet 2007, Bruce Momjian a ?crit?:
> > I have added more documentation to try to show how full text search is
> > used by user tables.  I think this the documentaiton is almost done:
> >
> >     http://momjian.us/expire/fulltext/HTML/textsearch-tables.html
> I've come to understand that GIN indexes are far more costly to update than 
> GiST one, and Oleg's wiki advice users to partition data and use GiST index 
> for live part and GIN index for archive part only.
> Is it worth mentioning this into this part of the documentation?
> And if mentioned here, partitioning step could certainly be part of the 
> example... or let it as a user exercise, but then explaining why GIN is a 
> good choice in the provided example.

Partitioning is already in the documentation:

        Partitioning of big collections and the proper use of GiST and GIN
        indexes allows the implementation of very fast searches with online
        update. Partitioning can be done at the database level using table
        inheritance and <varname>constraint_exclusion</>, or distributing
        documents over servers and collecting search results using the
        <filename>contrib/dblink</> extension module. The latter is possible
        because ranking functions use only local information.

I don't see a reason to provide an example beyond the existing examples
of how to do partitioning.

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