Andrew Dunstan wrote:
>> Uh, see port.h, lines 212-224. If you're using the pipe() command to
>> create it, it's used.
> No, it's the other way around :-) If you use pgpipe() on Unix you're
> calling pipe():

D'oh. You're right, of course. I'm obviously not in a state where I
should be reading C code right now :)

>>> Maybe you should have a good look at src/backend/postmaster/syslogger.c.
>>> If we could get rid of the pipe-read threads and all the special Windows
>>> cruft there that would certainly be an advance.
>> I'll try to squeeze some time in to do that - I'll have to read up on
>> the whole pipe/chunk thing first though, so it'll be a while.
> You don't need to understand the protocol (it's a very simple
> packetising protocol). The important point is that we have an anonymous
> pipe (created with CreatePipe) which has been dup'ed into stderr.



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