Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:

> >     3) Remove default_text_search_config and require the
> >        configuration to be specified in each function call.
> > 
> > If we remove default_text_search_config, it would also make ::tsvector
> > casting useless as well.
> OK, I just found a case that I think is going to make #3 a requirement
> (remove default_text_search_config).
> How is a CREATE INDEX ... to_tsvector(col) going to restore from a
> pg_dump?  I see no way of guaranteeing that the
> default_text_search_config is correct on the restore, and in fact I
> don't think we have any way of knowing the default_text_search_config
> used for the index.

Make pg_dump emit only CREATE INDEX sentences with two-param format.  In
fact I think it would make sense to convert internally the one-param
format to two-param, before hitting the catalogs.

This would also solve your problem about usability of WHERE clauses, if
you rewrite the one-param calls to two-params before the optimizer kicks

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