Decibel! wrote:
> Moving to -hackers.
> On Jul 27, 2007, at 1:22 PM, Stuart wrote:
>> Does Postgresql have a function like ascii() that will
>> return the unicode codepoint value for a utf8 character?
>> (And symmetrically same for question chr() of course).

> I suspect that this is just a matter of no one scratching the itch. I 
> suspect a patch would be accepted, or you could possibly put something on 
> pgFoundry.

Nay; there were some discussions about this not long ago, and I think
one conclusion you could draw from them is that many people want these
functions in the backend.

> I'd set it up so that ascii() and chr() act according to the 
> appropriate locale setting (I'm not sure which one would be appropriate).

I don't see why any of them would react to the locale, but they surely
must honor client encoding.

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