On Tue, 2007-08-07 at 19:01 +0100, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> There's three things clearly missing in the patch:
> 1. HOT updates on tables with expression or partial indexes. Hasn't been
> done yet because it should be pretty straightforward and we've had more
> important things to do. Though not critical, should be finished before
> release in my opinion.

Only if we really are pretty much finished.

> 2. Pointer swinging. At the moment, after a row is HOT updated, the only
> way to get rid of the redirecting line pointer is to run VACUUM FULL or
> CLUSTER (or delete or cold update the row and vacuum). If we want to
> implement pointer swinging before release, we have to get started now.
> If we're happy to release without it and address the issue in later
> releases if it seems important, we need to make a conscious decision on
> that, now. I personally think we can release without it.

I think so too.

> 3. Statistics and autovacuum integration. How should HOT updates be
> taken into account when deciding when to autovacuum and autoanalyze?
> There's a FIXME comment in analyze.c related to this as well. What
> additional statio counters do we need? The patch adds counters for HOT
> updates and for following a HOT chain. Should we have counters for
> pruning and defraging a page as well?

ISTM we should have stat counters (not statio counters) that describe
the number of row versions defragged. Statio counters refer to block
accesses, so HOT has nothing at all to do with that. Not sure we need to
know about pruning, any more than we need to know about hint bits

We should then perform a vacuum if
( number of cold updates
+ number of hot updates 
+ number of deletes
- number of row versions removed by defragging)
> (autovacuum threshold * size of table)

Defragging could remove deletes and cold updates as well as hot updates,
so we must take that into account.

We also need something that will re-zero the stats when they reach
anywhere near integer overflow, since we must not allow them to wrap. I
would suggest we simply reset all values to zero for that table.

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