I have installed postgresql to my client as a server for a progam  
(libpq.dll/VCL based) that I wrote for them.

Every is working fine, but I noted some general slowness,  compared with an 
older database system (iAnywhere ADS)
due (I think) to the  text based communication protocol.

I know there is the possibility to adopt a ssl compressed connection but I 
think a pure compressed connections could be better.

So, I have studied the postgresql sources and I have tried to implement some 
compression between the backend and the frontend,
using pglz_compress/pglz_decompress on be-secure.c and fe-secure.c.

At the moment is working good on a local configuration, got some problems on a 
remote connection due I think a different way to communicate.

There are other ways (other than be-secure and fe-secure) with which the 
backend comunicate with the frontend?
And, do you think this solution could speed up something?

For the moment I have big troubles to debug the server, have you some 
informations how to debug it with MinGW?

Thanks and sorry form my english!

Omar Bettin

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