the idea is basically to hide codes - many companies want that and ask for it again and again.
Hide code from who (or is that whom?)? The PL compiler(s) will need to decrypt the code. If a compiler can decrypt it, then anyone can decrypt it (because the compilers are open-source). And the problem is that any user that can run a function must be able to compile that function, and therefore, any user that can run a function must have the decryption key for that function. So, I'm not sure you've secured the source code from any user that can run the function.

Of course, if your goal is to hide the code from someone snooping through the pg_proc relation (on disk), then encryption will certainly help (provided the key is properly protected).

Note: I think source-code encryption is a useful idea, it just seems tricky to implement in an open environment.

   -- Korry

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