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Joe Conway wrote:
> Joshua D. Drake wrote:
>> Tom Lane wrote:
>>>> Bertram Scharpf wrote:
>>>>> Wouldn't the release be a good opportunity for providing
>>>>> this little tool?
>>> As for whether we could accept this for 8.4, I thought the general
>>> consensus was that we should implement the SQL-spec WITH syntax.
>>> The only good reason for supporting CONNECT BY would be to be
>>> Oracle-compatible, which this patch isn't.  (Being Oracle-compatible
>>> isn't necessarily good anyway; are we sure they don't have a patent
>>> on their way of doing this?)
>> I believe this patch is an update to the table_funcs contrib module.
> I guess I should weigh in here. I have to agree with Tom, namely that:
> 1. It is way to late for a massive change to the existing contrib for
>    Postgres 8.3

I am not in anyway promoting this for inclusion in 8.3.

Joshua D. Drake

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