"April Lorenzen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I had to feel my way carrying out this fix, and I don't know if I did
> it right - I only know that it appears I no longer have the error.
> Please confirm whether I was supposed to execute all of
> share/information_schema.sql --- or just the portion that CREATEs or
> REPLACEs key_column_usage view.

You should only have had to CREATE OR REPLACE the one view.

> I did not execute the whole share/information_schema.sql --- I only
> executed the part of it referring to the key_column_usage view and
> each of the functions necessary to support that. CREATE OR REPLACE the
> key_column_usage view gave errors otherwise for numerous missing
> functions. That worries me because it makes me think I should execute
> the whole thing. Instead I just kept adding the function definitions
> until it successfully executed.

What it sounds like to me is you had the wrong search_path set, and
so what you've done is create a new copy of the view (and supporting
functions) in whichever schema was first in your search path ---
possibly "public".  This isn't a good fix.  You should clean out the
extraneous view and supporting functions, and try again with
        set search_path = information_schema;

                        regards, tom lane

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