Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Julius Stroffek wrote:
>> There is a proposal attached to this mail about the interface
>> we would like to implement for switching between different
>> optimizers. Please review it and provide a feedback to us.

> hmm - how does is that proposal different from what got implemented with:

Well, it's a very different level of abstraction.  The planner_hook
would allow you to replace the *entire* planner, but if you only want to
replace GEQO (that is, only substitute some other heuristics for partial
search of a large join-order space), doing it from planner_hook will
probably require duplicating a great deal of code.  A hook right at the
place where we currently choose "geqo or regular" would be a lot easier
to experiment with.

Replacing GEQO sounds like a fine area for investigation to me; I've
always been dubious about whether it's doing a good job.  But I'd prefer
a simple hook function pointer designed in the same style as
planner_hook (ie, intended to be overridden by a loadable module).
The proposed addition of a system catalog and SQL-level management
commands sounds like a great way to waste a lot of effort on mere
decoration, before ever getting to the point of being able to
demonstrate that there's any value in it.  Also, while we might accept
a small hook-function patch for 8.3, there's zero chance of any of that
other stuff making it into this release cycle.

                        regards, tom lane

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