Oleg Bartunov wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Aug 2007, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
>> Oleg Bartunov wrote:
>>> On Thu, 9 Aug 2007, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>>> Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems to me that the configuration
>>>> is more attached to a column/index thatn to the whole database. If
>>>> there's a default in an expression, I'd rather expect this default to be
>>>> drawn from the index involved than from a global value (like a 
>>>> functional
>>>> index does now).
>>> I'm tired to repeat - index itself doesn't know about configuration !
>> Is there a way to change that?  For example store the configuration in a
>> metapage or something?
> it's useless, in general, since you could use different configuration to 
> build tsvector.

Hmm, sorry, I think I just understood what this was about: so you mean
that the configuration is really *per row* and not per index?  So I can
store rows into an index using more than one configuration, and it will

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