Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Tom Lane wrote:

So I think that "cvs rtag -d REL7_4_STABLE pgsql" will fix it.
I'd like someone to double-check that though.

I will test on a copy of my mirror.

I copied the mirror, did a checkout from it, ran the command above in the checked out version, then remove my checkout and checked out REL7_4_STABLE and did a diff against my copy from the postgres repo that hasn't been updated for some time. There were no significant differences, and no extra files.

So I'd say your strategy looks good - backup and remove the phony tag. I'd also say we should probably be logging tag commands in taginfo. Presumably we mere mortal committers should not be doing any tagging whatsoever, and tags should only be applied in preparation for releases. Anyway, if we actually logged it we'd catch anything untoward early rather than possibly days later.



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