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Tom Lane wrote:
Good, but the salient followup questions to that are (1) backed up to
where exactly?, and (2) how many days' past backups could we get at,
if we had to?

They are dumped to a NFS share on this schedule. That NFS share is
dumped to tape by systems at Conova - I'll let Stefan fill in the
details about that.

That's good as far as it goes, but seeing that PG is a worldwide
organization now, I wonder whether our primary CVS shouldn't have
backups on several continents.  Pardon my paranoia ... but our
collective arses have been saved by offsite backups at least once
already ...

Yes, I think we could improve on that. Have we considered more sophisticated solutions that provide incremental backup on a more frequent basis? I'd be inclined to use Bacula or similar (and it uses Postgres for its metadata store :-) ). Ideally I think we'd like to be able fairly easily and quickly to roll the repo (or some portion of it) back to a fairly arbitrary and fairly precise (say within an hour or two) point in recent time.

Meanwhile, those of us who rsync the entire repo could easily make rolling backup copies. Arguably this might be better done from a repo made using --numeric-ids. Tarred and compressed it's a shade under 90 Mb, which isn't huge. If people do this at various times of the day we'd get pretty good coverage :-)



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