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Zoltan Boszormenyi wrote:
Tom Lane írta:
It's hard to see how anyone could be doing 6K xacts/sec unless most are
In a recent stress test with our PostgreSQL-based cluster between two
3 million transaction were performed with "pgbench -c 150 -t 20000 -s 200"
in about _ten hours_. The primary machine (desktop-level machine for
used a real disk, the secondary used tmpfs as PGDATA. Say whatever you want
about my disk lying about flush, its 75MB/sec transfer rate transfer
rate is real.
So 5 million "real" transaction in 24 hours is not unrealistic.

6k xacts / s is five *hundred* million transactions, not five million...

Blush. :-) You're right. However a single machine with ramdisk is able to do that.

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