On Aug 15, 2007, at 1:54 PM, Gregory Stark wrote:
A third idea would be for a heap scan to check if all rows are visible and if so set a per-table flag which can be checked by index scans.
  Any change to the table would have to clear the flag.  To detect
changes during the heap scan a counter could be set at the start and
  checked at the end --- if it is the same, the table has not been
  modified --- any table change would increment the counter.

I think I would prefer to address this in the same infrastructure as the dead-space-map. That way you're not dependent on having no updates happening on the table at all. Any tuples on pages which contain no in-doubt tuples could have their visibility check skipped but when you come across a tuple on a page which has been modified since the last vacuum then you have to check
the visibility.

The advantage to Bruce's idea is that it sounds pretty simple to implement. While it wouldn't be of use for many general cases, it *would* be useful for read-only tables, ie: old partitions.
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