On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 08:24:14AM -0700, Darcy Buskermolen wrote:
> This is something I do not recall doing, however it's possible.  though this 
> does make me ask why are the build dependencies in the Makefile are not 
> properly setup to tell that the .y needs to be rebuilt (which I would assume 
> would make this problem also go away)

Frankly I have no idea. The dependencies are the same as with the
backend's gram.y file:

$(srcdir)/preproc.c: $(srcdir)/preproc.h ;

$(srcdir)/preproc.h: preproc.y

The backend has:

$(srcdir)/gram.c: $(srcdir)/parse.h ;

$(srcdir)/parse.h: gram.y

So except for the different naming it's the same. However, we haven't
had that problem with the backend so far, or did we?

What do I fail to see?

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