Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Tom Lane wrote:
> >> So instead of pressing to try to get something into 8.3, I would rather
> >> we stand back and think about it some more.
> > I understand why you are saying hold for 8.4, but this issue came up in
> > the middle of the 8.3 development cycle and didn't get much attention. 
> > I would like to know why it will get any more attention during 8.4.
> It's not "more attention" that it needs; it's "some good ideas".  Which
> we don't yet have, and we cannot produce on a schedule.

This is a difficult email to write but it seems GIT isn't going to make
it into 8.3.  There seems to be too many open implementation questions
to move forward.  It seems the internal API changes need more thought.

I somehow feel that if HOT wasn't being considered for 8.3 we might have
gotten GIT, but with limited resources I think there was more focus on
HOT, perhaps rightly so.

These patches will be held for 8.4:

        o  Grouped Index Tuples (GIT)
        o  Bitmap scan changes
        o  Stream bitmaps (API change for Group Index Tuples)
        o  Maintaining cluster order on insert

I believe Heikki is in agreement on this.

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