Tom Lane wrote:
> A couple months ago I wrote:
> > Lastly, I'm unhappy that the patch still keeps a lot of configuration
> > information, such as stop word lists, in the filesystem rather than the
> > database.  It seems to me that the single easiest and most useful part
> > of a configuration to change is the stop word list; but this setup
> > guarantees that no one but a DBA can do that, and what's more that
> > pg_dump won't record your changes.  What's the point of having any
> > non-superuser configuration capability at all, if stop words aren't part
> > of what you can change?
> It appears that nothing has been done about this objection in the
> current patch.  It is too late to redesign stop word handling for 8.3,

Yes, I thought we agreed that for 8.3 we would use external files with
UTF8 encoding.

> BTW, I'm inclined to rename the installation directory to
> $SHAREDIR/tsearch_data/ ... any objections to that?

Seems clear to me.

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