On 8/17/07, Merlin Moncure <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Attached are some new functions that extend the libpq api to make

after sending the mail, we noticed some dead code that might be
confusing...in PQparamClear there was some legacy code referring to
'slab' which has no effect...ignore.  Also slab and slabsize members
of PGparam are not supposed to be there.

> * The synchronous execution functions (for example PQparamExec), takes
>a pointer to a result and return error status, which is _not_ how the
>other flavors of Exec operate, but is very convenient however.  If you
>pass in NULL the result is discarded for you.  We are stuck on this
>approach, but we like it.

Also, we are _not_ stuck in the **PGresult concept :-). (typo)


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