Tom and Bruce, what version of patch you're using ?
Bruce complained about using OID in arguments of functions, but AFAIR, it was removed in 0.58 version of patch.

I and Teodor are very busy and just can't follow all discussions, so
we have to rely on people's wisdom. If we have so many problem with integration, that probably we could just integrate support of data types
(tsquery, tsvector), index support for them and set of support functions
like to_tsquery, to_tsvector and leave everything remaining in contrib/tsearch2 as an example of text search engine design. Then, after fixing design problem as well as some backend's issues we could
come with much better conclusions.

On Fri, 17 Aug 2007, Tom Lane wrote:

Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Oh, so you want the config inside each tsvector value. Interesting

Yeah, hasn't anyone suggested this before?  It seems like the obvious

It might be an obvious solution, but to some other problem than the one
we have.  The problem we are trying to address is how to know which
config to use to construct a *new* tsvector.

A TSvector constructed with en_US is NOT the same as a vector
constructed with fr_FR and it's silly to pretend that they are comparable.

Um, actually I think Oleg and Teodor believe that they *are* comparable.
If we try to force them not to be then we'll break multi-language

                        regards, tom lane

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