Hm, I suppose this "kluge" in gram.y for "substr_list" isn't necessary any
more? Don't really see a downside to leaving it, just thought I would mention
it since I noticed the comment is outdated.

  | a_expr substr_for
           * Since there are no cases where this syntax allows
           * a textual FOR value, we forcibly cast the argument
           * to int4. This is a kluge to avoid surprising results
           * when the argument is, say, int8. It'd be better if
           * there were not an implicit cast from int8 to text ...
          A_Const *n = makeNode(A_Const);
          n->val.type = T_Integer;
          n->val.val.ival = 1;
          $$ = list_make3($1, (Node *) n,
                          makeTypeCast($2, SystemTypeName("int4")));

  Gregory Stark

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