On 8/18/07, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> As my copy of the patch currently stands, there are two built-in trigger
> functions, tsvector_update_trigger and tsvector_update_trigger_column.
> The first expects trigger arguments
>     name of tsvector col, name of tsconfig to use, name(s) of text col(s)
> and the second
>     name of tsvector col, name of tsconfig col, name(s) of text col(s)
> that is, the tsconfig name is stored in a text column.  We could fix
> the second form by changing it to expect the tsconfig column to be of
> type regconfig.  The first form is a bit more problematic.  I can see
> two approaches: either specify both the schema and the tsconfig name,
> as two separate arguments, or keep it one argument but insist that
> the content of the argument be an explicitly-qualified name.  The
> second way seems a bit klugier when considered in isolation, but I think
> I like it better, because there would be a natural migration path to
> treating the argument as being of type regconfig when and if we get
> around to having real types for trigger arguments.  (Which I think is
> a good idea, btw, just not for 8.3.)

I like the second approach too.  It may be slightly awkward for now,
but IMHO it does the right thing.

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