Joshua D. Drake wrote:
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> Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> > Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> >> Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> >>> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> >>>>   o  Automatic adjustment of bgwriter_lru_maxpages 
> >>>>
> >>>>      We show this as waiting for performance results.  I am thinking we
> >>>>      should hold this for 8.4.
> >>> Agreed. I spent close to a week trying different benchmarks and
> >>> configurations and simple test cases on a test server and my laptop, and
> >>> couldn't demonstrate bgwriter making a positive impact in any
> >>> configuration I tried. The theory behind the patch is sound, but it
> >>> looks like a lot more testing and analysis is needed.
> >> Wouldn't real world testing be needed to actually gain insight to this
> >> patch?
> > 
> > I would expect a fairly static benchmark workload to benefit from having
> > a bgwriter, more so than more unpredictable real world applications.
> Hmmm, I find that real world applications are quite predictable over
> time. Certainly you have spikes (good pr, whatever) but in general with
> a little bit of monitoring it is quite possible to evaluate a generally
> expected result.
> I guess my point is, if the patch looks good and does not appear to hurt
> anything, why not apply it? At least that way we can start to review the
> progress of the feature itself as it starts to see use.

Yeah, you mean like commit_delay.  It really worked great, that
reviewing of a feature, you know.  It only took 3 years until someone
realized that it didn't work as advertised.

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