I am writing a set of articles about Automated Testing in Open Source Software

As I would like to write about PostgreSQL as well I tried to setup the
BuildFarm client.

Here is the output:

$ ./run_build.pl --test
[16:44:34] checking out source ...
[16:45:20] checking if build run needed ...
[16:45:20] copying source to pgsql.24847 ...
[16:45:20] running configure ...
Branch: HEAD
Stage Configure failed with status 77

What does this mean?

Digging a bit in HEAD/lastrun-logs/config.log
revealed that I was missing ccache but it was not really clean from
that error message.
Well, never mind, this must be testing my capabilities as well :-)

The second run was slightly better:

$ ./run_build.pl --test
[16:49:44] checking out source ...
[16:50:11] checking if build run needed ...
[16:50:11] copying source to pgsql.25565 ...
[16:50:12] running configure ...
[16:50:42] running make ...
Branch: HEAD
Stage Make failed with status 2

This time I found HEAD/lastrun-logs/make.log much faster
In that file I got tons of error messages mostly related to plpython.c
plpython.c:2984: error: 'PLy_exc_error' undeclared (first use in this function)

I installed python-dev and it seems my guess was correct regarding what was
missing as on the third attempt the build made further progress and
in the end I got

All stages succeeded

These two attempts to stop me from running the build client were not
really serious. I spent only 15 minutes trying to locate the problem
and you
even get this mail as a result. :-)

Now waiting for my registration to be processed before I can start
supplying test reports.

Gabor Szabo

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