> The other thing that was bugging me was that a lot of the dictionary
> types have init options that are named things like DictFile, AffFile,
> etc.  As I mentioned before, I dislike the fact that these things are
> out in the filesystem rather than inside the database, and hope that
> that will change eventually.  So I think that these names are not
> future-proof and should be altered to not use the word "file";
> especially so in view of the fact that as committed, the patch doesn't
> let you specify a path name for them.  I already did that to StopFile,
> which is now StopWords, but did not touch the other dictionary options.
> I'm not sure what to do with DictFile, because that doesn't seem to have
> any special meaning at all once you take out "file" ...

and what  dictionary based languages?

Pavel Stehule

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