Tom Lane wrote:
> After starting to document this stuff I'm wondering whether it really
> makes sense to change the parser associated with a tsearch
> configuration.  The problem is that the new parser might have an
> unrelated set of token types, but we don't do anything about updating
> the configuration's mappings.
> Ensuring sane behavior here would take a whole lot of new code, and
> I'm not sure that I see a use-case that justifies it.  So I'm tempted to
> take out that particular ALTER capability altogether.  I note that the
> corresponding feature of changing a dictionary's template on-the-fly
> doesn't exist (though it'd actually be a lot easier to support).
> Comments?

Agreed, the parser should be a central part of the configuration and
changing it seems odd.  If someone really wanted to change it they can
create a new configuration with a new parser, then rename the new one
into place.

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