Le mardi 21 août 2007, Oleg Bartunov a écrit :
> On Mon, 20 Aug 2007, Tom Lane wrote:
> > I've applied version 0.58 of the patch with a lot of further
> > editorializing.  I feel fairly confident now in the code that interfaces
> Great ! Just checked and most things after trivial changes are working !
> We need to summarize changes and provide upgraide guide.

Congratulations Teodor and Oleg !

> > Also, we need to decide what to do with contrib/tsearch2, which is
> > currently DOA because of conflicts with the new core code.  We could
> > either rip it out entirely, or try to convert it into a compatibility
> > package.  In view of the renamings of functions we agreed to do, I
> > think there is some scope for a compatibility package, but I have no
> > time to work on that.
> Probably, we could leave tsearch2 in contrib as a compat module and
> explicitly define 8.4 will be the last release with tsearch2 support.

Are you going to keep tools to compile stemmer from tsearch2 ? (I think about 
those files : 

Or just let people use this method : 
http://momjian.us/expire/textsearch/HTML/textsearch-parser-example.html ?

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