Tom Lane wrote:
> Hardwiring /usr/share/zoneinfo
> into the binary is isomorphic to having it use a symlink defined that
> way, as far as the objections to absolute symlinks go.

That just shows how silly the relative symlink requirement is in the 
first place.  If setting a symlink and hardcoding a path are 
isomorphic, then all compiled in path references would have to be 
relative as well.  PostgreSQL went through some effort to support that 
(within the package!), but surely most packages do not support it (at 
all).  Note, for example, that libc refers to /usr/share/zoneinfo by 
absolute path.  In fact, any use of any absolute path anywhere would 
have to be examined.  Just grep /etc for a thousand likely candidates.

Peter Eisentraut

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