"Kevin Grittner" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Any tests which focus just on throughput don't address the problems which
> caused us so much grief.

This is a good point: a steady-state load is either going to be in the
regime where you're not write-bottlenecked, or the one where you are;
and either way the bgwriter isn't going to look like it helps much.

The real use of the bgwriter, perhaps, is to smooth out a varying load
so that you don't get pushed into the write-bottlenecked mode during
spikes.  We've already had to rethink the details of how we made that
happen with respect to preventing checkpoints from causing I/O spikes.
Maybe LRU buffer flushes need a rethink too.

Right at the moment I'm still comfortable with what Greg is doing, but
there's an argument here for a more aggressive scaling factor on
number-of-buffers-to-write than he thinks.  Still, as long as we have a
GUC variable in there, tuning should be possible.

                        regards, tom lane

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