On Aug 24, 11:09 pm, [EMAIL PROTECTED] ("Florian G. Pflug") wrote:
> Edoardo wrote:
> > On Aug 24, 4:27 pm, [EMAIL PROTECTED] ("Heikki Linnakangas")
> > wrote:
> >> Edoardo wrote:
> >>> - Google Summer of Code effort by Florian Pflug
> >>> I would like to talk about the last one: I couldn't find any website /
> >>> explanation or further post.
> >>> The google 
> >>> linkhttp://code.google.com/soc/postgres/appinfo.html?csaid=6545828A8197EBC6
> >>> is broken
> >>> does anybody knows something about it?
> >> He's working on allowing you to perform read-only queries on a warm
> >> standby server. Currently, the warm standby can't be used for queries
> >> until you fail over to it.
> > Even like this is worth considering this solution in my scenario, do
> > you think I can have a look at his work?
> The archive of the pgsql-hackers list contains some discussion of my work.
> I can also send you the latest version - though it's absolutely not ready
> for production use at this point. It's more of a prototype, to find out where
> the problems of lie, and how to overcome them.
> Work on this won't stop with the end of GSoC, and I'm not the only one
> interested in making this happen - so there is a realistic chance that
> something like this will show up in postgres sooner or later - not promises,
> though..

ok, looking forward to it then... thank you very much.

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