Patricia as well as other digital trees could be realized using GiST
once we'll have time and support to extend current GiST interface.

For the moment you can use SP-GiST which should have patricia implementation.

On Sat, 25 Aug 2007, Alex Povolotsky wrote:


I'm working on a project requiring fast query like 'does ADDRESS belongs to SET OF NETWORKS?'. Naturally, such a query is better implemented using PATRICIA, but building PATRICIA tree is a relatively long task and is better to be done once, for instance, at server startup.

I'm thinking of implementing such a tree using stored procedures, and looking for advise from postgresql-hackers: how can I hook startup of server?

Idea of having something like a blob to store and restore PATRICIA tree may be better suited to standard SQL, but I'm looking for more elegant solution. Or am I totally wrong?


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