Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> pgrowlocks tells you about row lock states, which maybe is not that
>> interesting for security, but still it's information that one wouldn't
>> expect to be exposed to someone who isn't allowed to read the table.
>> I suppose knowing the number of live tuples might in itself be
>> sensitive information.

> Here I think the advantage of being able to run this as a non-superuser 
> (and thus not have the superuser password on the client machine) outweighs 
> any data which can be reverse-engineered from the lock information.

I have no objection to knocking this down to demanding only SELECT privs
on the table.  It's hard to think that it is OK to be totally unsecured.

> Hmmm, we can't really require anything greater than SELECT permission for 
> dbsize.

That's OK for individual tables, but we have no equivalent concept for
whole databases or tablespaces.  What do you propose for them?

                        regards, tom lane

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