Dawid Kuroczko wrote:
> [...] and it also would be valuable to
> add into pg_service.conf.sample an example ldap:// stanza, so if
> person opens the file, she will be enlightened.

I like that idea.

> And a missing feature.  Or rather treat it as feature request. :-)
> A "wildcard entry".  I would like to set my environment that,
> on each client I would put pg_service.conf having two and only
> two LDAP servers in it (second one for failover. I think the entry
> might look like:
> ### wildcard entry:
> [%]  # or [*] ?
> Which, when given:
>   psql "service = foobarbaz"
> ..would query ...?(cn=foobarbaz)

This is also worth thinking about ... it would make the code and
the pg_service.conf file more complicated, but would definitely be
if you only use the service file for LDAP lookup.

Laurenz Albe

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