Tom Lane wrote:
> I was a bit unhappy to realize just now that the patch Heikki sent in,
> and I reviewed and applied, actually broke dict_synonym.  (Modifying a
> string tends to modify the result of strlen() ...)  While we can't
> cover *everything* in the regression tests, it now seems like a bad
> idea that the tsearch.sql test has no coverage at all for the ispell,
> synonym, or thesaurus templates.

Agreed, we really need regression tests for this stuff one way or other.
It's a lot of code, not very well tested, and likely to be modified in
the future as well.

> The difficulty in testing these is that they require configuration
> files, which the regression tests really can't install.  (If the
> configuration were all inside the database it wouldn't be such a
> problem, but that's a lost cause for 8.3...)

How about putting the sample config files in contrib/tsearch, and
copying them at "make install"? We have the capability to install
contrib modules at the beginning of regression tests, right?

  Heikki Linnakangas

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