Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane wrote:
This particular issue could be implemented just by adding
-DCLOBBER_CACHE_ALWAYS to CFLAGS (or CPPFLAGS if you want to be anal
about it).  I suppose that no new buildfarm mechanism is required ---
someone just needs to set up an animal configured that way, and
scheduled to run only maybe once a week or something like that.

Ah. Ok. That makes sense. How long does such a regression run usually take?

On my x86_64 machine (dual 2.8GHz Xeon EM64T) it's on the order of two
or three hours --- I haven't timed it carefully, but somewhere along
there.  That's just for the core regression tests, I've never tried
contrib or PL tests.

It should be a separate animal, and not something that an existing one
does every-so-often, or we might mistake anything it finds for an
irreproducible transient failure.  Consistent failures on the same
animal will stand out of the noise, though.

I tried this on a little P3 I have lying around:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] bf]$ ./ --test --conf=figeater.conf
Mon Aug 27 17:03:55 2007: buildfarm run for figeater:HEAD starting
[17:03:55] checking out source ...
[17:04:17] checking if build run needed ...
[17:04:18] creating vpath build dir pgsql.11834 ...
[17:04:18] running configure ...
[17:06:06] running make ...
[17:31:14] running make check ...
[00:43:28] running make contrib ...
Branch: HEAD
Stage Contrib failed with status 2

Good thing it failed - goodness only knows how long the extra runs would have taken :-)

Does someone have a box with lots of grunt that can spare some cycles for a few hours once a week or so?



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