Tom Lane wrote:
> I notice that five different buildfarm members are about to slide off
> the HEAD list for not having reported in within a month.  Do we have any
> process for pestering their owners to revive them?  If the hardware went
> south, or there was some other deliberate decision to retire them,
> that's fine --- I'm just wondering if the owners don't realize they're
> busted.

owners ae usually aware since the buildfarm has a feature to notify
owners about animals that have not reported in a while.
As in the case of zebra/impala/shad and clownfish - I'm fully aware that
they are offline and I intend to bring them back soon but some of these
animals(which are in fact all on the same VMware host) there have
reported rather strange failures in the weeks before like:

which I had not yet time to investigate.

Maybe we should have a way for buildfarm owners to be able to tag
animals and/or builds with a bit of status information in such cases ?


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