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> I've been working on converting the current README files for all contrib
> modules into sgml and add it to the documentation. There are still some
> fixes to do but i'd like to have some feedback. Indeed, it wasn't agreed to
> have all if any of the modules together with the core documentation.
> You can see the docs on [1] in chapter VIII. If you think these could be a
> good addition, please fill free to comment on how you think sections should
> be organized to be consistent and easy to read.
> [1]

Wow, this is really, really cool!  You're my hero.

I'm very strongly in favor of having this documentation.  However, I think it 
might make sense to put "Contrib Modules" as a section under either 
"Reference" or "Appendices".  Also, I don't think it's necessary to make each 
command option a separate subchapter, but I can see how that would be hard to 
avoid in an automated system.  

Guys, would it be out of the question to do this in 8.3?  Please please?

If we go ahead with this, I'll commit to doing a contrib README cleanup so the 
doc system works better.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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