Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> Yeah, an extra fetch of the pg_class row doesn't seem all that nice.
>> I think you'd want to check it in approximately the same two places
>> where pg_class_ownercheck() is applied (one for the 1-xact and one for
>> the multi-xact path).

> Actually, the 1-xact path does not need it, because the check is already
> elsewhere.

Yeah, but if you do it there it's one added comparison
(isOtherTempNamespace is very cheap, and you can get the namespace
cheaply from the already-open rel).  This way you need an extra syscache
lookup because you are insisting on doing the check in a place where you
don't have easy access to the pg_class row.  Doesn't seem better.

                        regards, tom lane

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