Am Donnerstag, 30. August 2007 15:13 schrieb Andrew Dunstan:
> What? No it doesn't. You have missed the key word in the sentence above:
> "standard". The idea is that the docs will describe the *standard*
> modules, i.e. those that ship with the PostgreSQL core distribution
> (because they are currently in contrib).
> If you want to design a pluggable documentation system then go for it,
> but it's not required by what I understand is the consensus plan for
> contrib.

That brings up additional questions such as what is standard and whose 
consensus.  You initially referred to Perl, and I note that Perl modules 
shipped with the main Perl package ("standard"?) and those that are not 
provide access to their facilities in identical ways.  That's as far as I can 
read your mind anyway. ;-)

Peter Eisentraut

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