On 8/30/07, Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This isn't really the place to ask about running buildfarm - it has its
> own mailing list to which you should have been subscribed.

I am sorry.
Do you mean this?
I could not find it mentioned in the instructions.

> A single animal really shouldn't run multiple configurations, because it
> makes their history much less valuable. If you want to run multiple
> configurations you should register multiple buildfarm members. There is
> already support for running several animals on a single host/repo and
> this will be improved in a release that I will be preparing RSN.

Then no thanks. That seems to be too much of hassle to register 2^12 = 4096
animals.It is probably not useful either to test all the permutations
of possible

Is there a recommendation  which set of configuration might be more important
in finding problems?


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