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Hi all,

I cant find in the docs about tsearch2 (nor the Oleg&Teodor's wiki) when
to use @@@ instead of @@.

it's written here

@@ works in GIST, even with 'lexeme:a' (:a, :bc, etc.. every combination
of a,b,c & d part)

@@ doesnt with GIN in the same queries it, PostgreSQL says:

ERREUR:  With class of lexeme restrictions use @@@ operation

I added a RAISE NOTICE as I can give you the query, generated from a
plpgsql function:

INFO:  There was an error running this query:

select d.id, q
 from documents_gin d,
 to_tsquery('default_french', convert('chef:d', 'LATIN9')) q
 gin_vector @@ q;

So, I have to use @@@ there instead of @@ to have the query working.

Now, I don't know when to use @@ or @@@.

Can I use always @@@ instead of @@ when its about a GIN based search?

If can use always @@@,  is it less performant than @@ in some cases?

Please let me know when to use @@ or @@@ if I may not use allways @@@ in
those case, as I can tweak my plpgsql function.

Thanks a lot,

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Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University, Russia
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