Simon Riggs wrote:
Async Commit is a useful feature, yet it requires some additional
application code to be added to appropriate transactions. That code is
then clearly version dependent, which may not always be desirable.

It would be good if there was a way to make that a DBA-controllable
setting, much the same as we might execute the following command:

        ALTER USER jimbob SET work_mem = ...

I don't understand that example -
ALTER USER his_work_is_not_that_important SET synchronous_commit=off
is possible in CVS HEAD...

The above commmand allows application SQL to be tuned without changes to
the application code itself.

So I'm thinking, is there a way to decorate a transaction in such a way
that only that transaction knows to do SET LOCAL synchronous_commit = off
Perhaps it would be possible to do this

        ALTER FUNCTION fubar SET synchronous_commit = off;

So that any invocation of the function would automatically set all of
the appropriate parameters prior to execution.
But functions cannot commit toplevel transactions, and subtransaction commits
are not WAL-logged anyway, so what would that do?

Why do I mention this now? Well, on the 8.3 patch status list is the
concept of "per function search_path". search_path is a parameter, so
per function search path would seem to imply setting parameters on a per
function basis, exactly what I'm suggesting for enhancing async commit.

Per function parameters could then also be used for other "Statement
Behaviour" parameters and other related ones, such as ...

default_tablespace, temp_tablespaces, default_transaction_isolation,
statement_timeout, gin_fuzzy_search_limit, standard_conforming_strings,
regex_flavour, xmlbinary and xmloption.

You can already do
SET LOCAL myguc=tempvalue
<some query>

in pl/pgsql, and the value will be restored to it's original value
after the END. Or at least this is how I interpret the docs - I can't
remember ever trying that though.

So at least for the pl/pgsql case, it seems easy enough to temporarily
change GUCs already. For other PLs, things might be different though -
I wouldn't know, I have never really used them...

greetings, Florian Pflug

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