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> Gregory Stark escribió:
>> I think it would be ok only if a pg_dump/pg_restore reliably restored the 
>> same
>> oid->enum value mapping. Otherwise a binary dump is useless. But as I
>> understand it that's the case currently, is it?

er, lost a "not" in the editing of that, sorry.

> That doesn't work if the dump is restored on a database that already has
> those OIDs used for another enum.  The easy workaround would be to
> "rewrite" the data to use the new OID, but believe me, you don't want to
> go down that route, lest madness await you at the end.

enum OIDs are unique across enums? This seems like a strange way to do it. I
recall conversations about this a while back though and there were limitations
of the type system that led to this, right?

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