hello sir

I am software engineer. i have a problem in postgresql. i am using
postgresql 8.2.4 version and i have save image in table by java program
 my table fields as id-integer ,image -bytea

i insert image by java in prepared statement by setbinarystream() its
running perfects.
i can retrieve image by java application also.

but when i used this in visual basic 6.0 its gives problem

               Dim Chunk() As Byte
               Open imagename For Binary Access Write As #1
                   ReDim Chunk(1 To RS("FImage").ActualSize)

                   Chunk() = RS("FImage").GetChunk(RS("FImage").ActualSize)
                   Put 1, , Chunk()
               Close #1

its says when its comes in image field its gives  errors

operation is not allowed in this context

helps me out

vishnu aggarwal

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