I have a database where I'd created a copy of pg_class in public.
pgAdmin shows that the table exists, but \d doesn't. This is because of
how pg_table_is_visible works, specifically this comment:

 * If it is in the path, it might still not be visible; it could be
 * hidden by another relation of the same name earlier in the path. So
 * we must do a slow check for conflicting relations.

While this is correct on a per-relation level, I'm thinking that it's
not what we'd really like to have happen in psql. What I'd like \d to do
is show me everything in any schema that's in my search_path, even if
there's something higher in the search_path that would over-ride it.
ISTM that's what most people would expect out of \d.

If no one objects I'll come up with a patch for this.
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