Hi Korry,

Can you e-mail the VC++ projects that you created? (You can do that off-list). I have VC++ here but I haven't tried to do a PG build in that environment yet (guess it's time to learn).


However, I can't set any breakpoints using PgAdmin. I know the dlls are loaded via Process Explorer, and in fact I can attach to them with the VC++ debugger.
When you say that you can't set any breakpoints using PgAdmin, does that mean that the menu choices ("Set Breakpoint" and "Debug") just don't appear? Or are they there but don't do anything? Or are you getting an error message?

Let me see if I can clarify. Both choices are available from the PgAdmin menu.

When I choose Debug a window opens asking me to set the value for the parameter to the fucntion I do that, hit OK. But then the window just reappears again.

If instead I do "Set Breakpoint" then I get a window that says "Waiting to set breakpoint in core.testwhere" with a progress bar (note there is a debugger window behind it also). That window never goes away. When I press cancel I get a Debug Assertion Failure:

close.c, line 47
Expression (fh >= 0 && (unsigned)fh < (unsigned)_nhandle)

Can you gather a PgAdmin log file (see Options on the File Menu, then choose the Logging tab, check "Debug") and send it to me. That will give me some clues.

Yes, will do.

* Opening a new pgadmin window and doing step 6 (SELECT * FROM pldbg_wait_for_breakpoint(1);). That didn't work.
That won't work... you want to open another session and SELECT testwhere(7) from the new session.

I thought each pgadmin sql window was its own session though (they have different backend pids)? No?

The first session is your debugger client, the second session is the target process (the application that you are debugging).
* I tried executing the function (select testwhere(7);). That didn't work.
I presume that you mean that the debugger session was still hung in the call to pldbg_wait_for_target(1), right?

Did you remember to set shared_preload_librarys = '$libdir/plugins/plugin_debugger' in your postgresql.conf file (and restart the server aftwards)?.

Yes.  And checked it a few times :)

FYI the readme includes the .so ($libdir/plugins/plugin_debugger.so') if I remember correctly, might want to remove that.


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