While reading one of the recent -perform threads, it occurred to me to
check, and the 8.2.4 Win32 release binaries aren't marked "large
address aware".  This means the process gets a 2GB VM space, which is
normal for 32bit Windows.  On x64, my understanding is that each 32
bit process can actually get 4GB if the appropriate flag is set in the
binary.  (I don't have the hardware to verify this.)

The reason documented for this behavior is that 2GB VM space was the
hard limit for a very long time, so some applications borrowed the
high bit for themselves to use, and couldn't cope with addresses over
2GB.  Essentially just a default for backwards compatibility.

So with that in mind, is there a reason the Win32 binaries aren't
marked that way?  Unless there are problems with it, it might be worth
doing until 64bit builds are supported.

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